A Word to My Readers

My thoughts tend to swirl aimlessly at rapid speeds causing me to do and say things I often regretted as a young girl. I finally realized my thoughts could only cause me trouble if I allowed them to to escape in the form of words out of my mouth. So when you see me in public you might wonder why I am sitting silent, but rest assured it is not because I have nothing to say, but rather because I have far too much.

I not only learned the power of holding my tongue at a young age, but also the power of holding a pen. My thoughts become real and manageable when they become words, and my words tend to be much more eloquent and useful when they are in written form.

After my first child was born I was desperate to tell her things that she was far too young to comprehend, so I wrote them down in the form of letters for her to read when she was older. And now that she is older, I am desperate to tell her things she has no interest in hearing from me, so I write the words down hoping one day she will be ready to read them.

This blog is a mix of letters written to my four children over the years. My hope is the words shared will adequately express to my children the immense joy they bring me, the unimaginable love my heart feels for them, and the invaluable lessons they continue to teach me day after day- even on the days that cannot end soon enough.

My other hope is all who find themselves peering into our messy lives through Words to My Children will feel welcome and understood. That together we’d be encouraged, inspired, and challenged to learn from and lean into our own unique journeys in this broken world. And that we would all think more deeply and engage more fully with the people right in front of us.