The Author

For the past 18 years Laura has been writing letters to her children. Writing is the best way she knows to process, celebrate and grieve, and the Lord knows that there has been much to process, celebrate, and grieve on her parenting journey. After all this time, she has finally decided that her children might not be the only children who need to hear the words of a mother’s heart proclaiming truth, love, and justice in a broken world (and a broken education system). And her mother’s heart certainly could use a willing audience to process, celebrate, and grieve alongside her.

Laura wasted no time starting a family. She married her husband right after college graduation at the ripe old age of 21, and had her first child two days after her 25th birthday. She is now the proud mother of four amazing children ranging in age from 18 to 11 years old. She spent the bulk of her professional career working as an admissions officer and special needs advocate at a school for children with learning differences and disabilities.

In recent years she has most notably become a chauffeur, a tutor, and a referee for her children, and has been forced to adopt their passions which include theatre, music, babysitting, gymnastics, and mathematics. Her most favorite things this side of heaven are her people, reading, writing, playing board games, dark chocolate, sleeping late, having meaningful conversations, and taking hot baths.